Mayor Halloran of Waterloo Discusses Electric Vehicle Chargers with UWAFT

The University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) is determined to make changes in the Waterloo community that tackle some of its biggest challenges. To get these changes kick-started, UFAFT met with Mayor Halloran to discuss electric vehicle (EV) urban planning.

UWAFT presents to the mayor

In order to prepare for this occasion, UWAFT joined with the Waterloo Student Planning Advisory (WSPA) to create an influential and informative presentation. WSPA is passionate and dedicated when it comes to urban planning and development, and the committee proved to be an invaluable asset in helping UWAFT succeed. WSPA members were able to raise important points about EV planning, such as the lack of charging stations in the community and the need to preserve parking spaces close to currently available charging stations. After the meeting with Mayor Halloran and her fleet specialist, Karen Moyer, UWAFT felt that the EV movement in the Waterloo region had taken a step forward. Although no concrete plans have been established, the mayor fully supports this greener vision for the city and is ready to meet again to help get the ball rolling.

This meeting demonstrated how local influence from a student team not only provided the chance to further push the topic of sustainability. It is clear that the EcoCAR 2 competition helps to inspire young minds and create the leaders of tomorrow by giving them the skills and power to create change first hand.