Meet Colorado State’s Business Manager, Kate Miller

Kate Miller joined the Colorado State EcoCAR 2 team at the start of the second semester in Year Three. She has caught on very quickly to all of the important work required of an EcoCAR 2 business manager and is very enthusiastic about her position!

Kate is pursuing a degree in English and business administration. “My business background has obviously been very crucial to my position, but my English major has actually helped quite a bit when writing the reports. As a business administration student, I am constantly learning different strategies I can apply to the EcoCAR project,” she says.

Kate says that a computer information system class has helped ease her transition into some of the programs the EcoCAR team uses and classes in management have helped her prepare to be a team leader.

The most fun aspect of being involved in EcoCAR for Kate is having a job that truly means something to her. “I feel like I’m helping with a project that could make a real difference in how consumers spend their money.“

Fun fact about Kate: she does not have a sense of smell!

Learn more about Kate’s experience with EcoCAR 2 by watching the video below: