Meet Colorado State’s Engineering GRA, Shawn Salisbury

Shawn Salisbury joined the Colorado State University Vehicle Innovation Team (VIT) during Year One of the EcoCAR 2 competition when he was completing his engineering senior design program. He has been involved with the program for the past three years and now works as the team leader and engineering Graduate Research Assistant for the team.

Shawn will graduate this spring with an Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and after the Year Three Competition, embark for Idaho, where he will be working at Idaho National Laboratory as a support engineer for their Energy Storage and Transportation Systems department.

Benjamin Geller, Shawn’s office mate and colleague, was kind enough to share what he calls “Shawn-isms” for enjoyment:

  • Regardless of the time of day, or any previous meals, a burrito is always desired.
  • Every dog is considered “adorable”
  • Coffee is good hot, cold, new, or old
  • The working day always begins at 11am
  • A set of throwing knives is kept in the car at all times to relieve stress on random logs
  • Any tool made before the 1950’s is eligible for a lengthy evaluation
  • One computer monitor should always be reserved for

Learn more about Shawn’s experience with EcoCAR 2 by watching the video below.