Meet Matt Yard, The Ohio State EcoCAR 2 Team Leader

“Being team leader of the Ohio State EcoCAR 2 team is a lot like being king,” said Matt Yard.

Matt, a graduate student at the Ohio State University focusing in mechanical engineering, has taken the throne this year as the OSU EcoCAR 2 team leader. But this is not his first time leading the team – last year he co-lead with Katherine Bovee, a master’s student on the team. This year, though, he’s ruling solo.

Matt’s not new to the competition – this is actually his sixth year being involved in an Advanced Technology Vehicle Competition. As a freshman at Ohio State, Matt participated in Year One of EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge where he focused on electrical engineering projects. Eventually Matt worked his way up the ladder and became a sub-team leader.

He didn’t stop there. Matt became team leader during Year Two of the EcoCAR 2 competition and, since then, has been managing all aspects of the team – engineering, business and communications.

When Matt graduates, he knows he wants to go into the automotive industry – his experiences with the EcoCAR competitions have confirmed it.