Meet Matthew Bilson from the MSU EcoCAR 3 Team

Matthew Bilson is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at Mississippi State University (MSU). Seeing the EcoCAR team at Mississippi State is what pushed him to apply to the university and being a member of the EcoCAR 3 team has reaffirmed that he made the right decision. Matthew came in with very little experience with the highly-technical software that the teams use, but older team members were willing to help him learn to use these programs, including computer-aided design (CAD) programs.Matthew Bilson MSU

Matthew joined the MSU EcoCAR team during his freshman year during the last year of EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future. He and another freshman were given the task to design a lightened trailer hitch for the car. This duo learned how to run finite element analysis on the part they built and eventually the part they created was installed on the vehicle. Now as a sophomore, there is a new class of freshman that, like Matthew, had little experience with the highly-technical software used in Year One of the EcoCAR 3 Competition. Matthew helped to train these new recruits on basic CAD elements. Matthew looks forward to the rest of his academic career on Mississippi State University’s EcoCAR 3 team and hopes he can teach more people to love CAD like he does. Hail State!