Meet the Mississippi State EcoCAR 3 Team

Written by Casey McGee, Communications Manager for Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University has high aspirations as we begin competing in the U.S. Department of Energy’s latest Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition, EcoCAR 3. Comprised of nearly 100 students spanning over 17 majors, our team is working towards building a more eco-friendly tomorrow as we reengineer a fuel-efficient and environmentally safe Chevrolet Camaro.

Divided among mechanical, electrical, controls, modeling and simulation, communications, and project management sub teams, each team member plays an integral role in moving the team towards success. MSU EcoCAR 3 students are entering the workforce as leading engineers, project managers, and communicators because of the valuable experience gained through involvement on the team.

Our team is thankful for the leadership offered by the DOE, General Motors, and Argonne National Laboratory as they sponsor and manage this competition. The relationship that our team has with these sponsors provides insight into the automotive industry as well as real life professional skills for each student involved.

This video provides an overview of the EcoCAR 3 competition, and more specifically, MSU’s past and current involvement in AVTCs. Building upon our past success, our team aims to uncover advanced technologies that positively impact the automotive industry.