Meet Nick Ponzio, Team Tennessee’s Business Manager

Nick Ponzio is the business manager for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s EcoCAR 2 team. He has a background in engineering, stemming mainly from his father’s lessons about cars, which gave him the drive to understand how things work and how to improve them. Nick is also majoring in business administration and environmental engineering, so he is very familiar with the type of engineering used in the competition as well as environmental needs for “greener” technologies. This knowledge led him to join EcoCAR 2 so he could refine his current engineering talent through working in a business setting.

His strategy for approaching the responsibilities of the team is to implement the different skills of each team member in order to integrate many different perspectives and to accomplish a task and create a prodigious product.

When interviewed, Nick explained, “We have a student from the college of business, agriculture and natural resources, and we have a student studying geography, specifically climate change.” Every day is more productive than the last, while they learn about different fields and hone their own skills. The meetings are not always strictly formal events, and the team can share good-hearted jokes while on the job.

Nick has learned about the business side of the industry through EcoCAR 2 and has a newfound respect for it. He admits, “They’re not just pumping out vehicles, there’s actual change taking place.”

Learn more about Nick’s experience with EcoCAR by watching the video below.