Meet the Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team

Written by Darion Queen, Penn State Communications Team Member

Since 1988, the Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team has participated in the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC) series, striving to build a vehicle that can benefit the environment. About 70 undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and veteran volunteers meet every night in Research Building B on Penn State’s University Park campus, proudly carrying on the history of the AVTC participation.

For EcoCAR 3, the team is excited to engineer an energy-efficient Chevrolet Camaro without compromising real-world performance and safety while considering cost and innovation.

The young automotive professionals from Penn State take advantage of invaluable experience EcoCAR 3 provides by researching, developing, analyzing and validating the vehicle design by sharing knowledge in a team-oriented environment.

Through this one of a kind experience, the team is ready to tackle the challenge EcoCAR 3 offers. Check out the Penn State team below: