Meet Robert White From the WVU EcoCAR 3 Team

Robert White is a fine example of a man that wears many hats! At 23 years old, Robert serves as both a member of the mechanical team and the Safety Team Lead for West Virginia University’s EcoCAR 3 Team. He is always willing to step up and take on any task that may need addressed throughout the project. As a dual major in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Robert is able to provide great technical assistance to the team as they design, package, and weigh the costs and benefits of WVU’s selected vehicle architecture. Additionally, his safety management experience from previous internships has allowed him to maintain safe, clean, and effective lab facilities. Robert’s instrumental role in establishing safety, and his hard work and dedication to the team, will leave behind a legacy by which he will always be remembered after he graduates. Learn more about Robert’s impact on the West Virginia University’s EcoCAR 3 team in the student video below.