Meet the Embry-Riddle EcoEagles Business Manager, Fritz Boezem, Jr.

This video short is about the Embry-Riddle EcoEagles business manager, Fritzgerald (Fritz) Boezem, Jr., and what his teammates have to say about him. While showing immense interest and work ethic, Fritz handled the finances for the team and created budgets throughout the semester. Always prepared, he performed to his best ability and picked up the slack when needed. Fritz started the Impact Report from scratch and researched a lot of the information from the past several years contacting Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) alumni at Embry-Riddle. Fritz is crucial in reaching out to sponsors and gaining funds for the team and his effectiveness in running the team’s business aspects has unremittingly shown improvement.

Learn more about the EcoEagles team has to say about Fritz by watching the video below: