Meet the University of Victoria’s Communications Manager, Valery Heckel

Valery Heckel joined the University of Victoria’s EcoCAR 2 team as the communications manager in March of 2014.

Valery is working on completing her Bachelor of Science in Financial Math and Economics with a minor in Computer Science at the University of Victoria. She holds a deep appreciation for initiatives motivated by sustainability, and after gaining additional outreach knowledge through student elections, joining EcoCAR 2 was a natural choice.

Although she only recently joined the UVic team, she has managed to gain support for the EcoCAR 2 competition series and the UVic team from multiple prominent politicians on a national and provincial scale. Valery has also focused on continuing the previous communication manager’s effective media campaign to raise awareness of the competition and the UVic team’s progress while simultaneously educating the public about the importance of a future which includes energy-efficient vehicles.

When not occupied by school or EcoCAR 2, Valery can be found running on Victoria’s coastline or watching soccer games in which Bayern Munich would most likely be a winner.