Meet the West Virginia University EcoCAR 3 Team

Written by Chelsea Betts, WVU EcoCAR 3 Communication Manager

Every good recipe starts with quality ingredients. For the West Virginia University EcoCAR 3 team, quality is no stranger. With a diverse group of nearly 40 undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students, as well as faculty and volunteers; our team members add flavor, texture, and freshness to our recipe for success. With several different personalities, specialties, and a breadth of engineering experience, you can be sure that the members of the WVU EcoCAR 3 team all add an extra secret ingredient to our team dynamic.

Some of the key ingredients in the West Virginia University EcoCAR 3 team recipe include:

• A Project Manager with a love for engineering and a business background
• An Engineering Manager who enjoys working on any automobile, and is fascinated by the automotive industry
• A Communications Manager who has a passion for writing and event planning
• And three Faculty Advisors who love to see their students succeed

Add a dash of enthusiasm, a pinch of innovation, then stir in all the members of the four sub-teams, and our recipe for success is complete! Bake on high for the entire four-year competition, and enjoy!