Meet WVU’S Project Manager

Meet West Virginia University’s EcoCAR 3 Project Manager, Dillon Carden. He is a 23-year-old MBA student with an engineering background and a strong work ethic. As the team’s Project Manager, Dillon is tasked with keeping everyone focused, setting and meeting deadlines, and maintaining team morale. But, Dillon isn’t the only member of the Carden family working on this innovative project. Dillon’s brother, Garret Carden, is also on the WVU EcoCAR 3 team. Garret is the head of the Development sub-team and helps to secure sponsorships and donations. These two siblings work very closely on a day-to-day basis and still manage to always get along. Well, almost always.

To learn more about Dillon and to see the unique dynamic between him and his brother, watch here: