Mentor Monday: dSPACE Engineers Teach EcoCAR Students about Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems

This week, we are featuring two more mentors from EcoCAR’s platinum sponsor, dSPACE. If you remember from last week, dSPACE is providing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) support to 8 of the 17 EcoCAR teams.

Jim Hollowell working with EcoCAR students

Jim Hollowell is a senior applications engineer for dSPACE responsible for providing design, testing and customer support services for HIL systems.  Jim is serving as a mentor to the Mississippi State University team during the EcoCAR competition. 

“It’s a wonderful learning experience, for both the students and me.  The future of the industry looks bright. Great young minds, with wonderful enthusiasm and new ideas.”

Tobias Eifler teaching EcoCAR students about HIL implementation

Tobias Eifler is a senior applications engineer for dSPACE responsible for the implementation of automotive simulation models on HIL systems.  Since the kick-off of the EcoCAR Challenge in the fall of 2008, Tobias has been serving as a mentor to the University of Waterloo.

“I am training students on rapid prototyping and Hardware-in-the-Loop model-based implementation utilizing dSPACE hardware and software.  The tools and technologies that the EcoCAR teams are using are very sophisticated.  The students were faced with a steep learning curve and it is very satisfying and encouraging to see the fast progress they are making. It’s an honor for me to be able to play a role in educating the engineers of tomorrow.  I am from Germany, but temporarily working in the dSPACE U.S. office, so the events associated with the EcoCAR competition have made it possible for me to see some extraordinary and exciting places in North America.  It’s been a great experience!”