Mentor Monday: FutureCar Alum Turned GM Engineer to Mentor Texas Tech

This week’s Mentor Monday post features Kevin Storch, a member of GM’s Advanced Powertrain Controls group and Texas Tech‘s new mentor. Kevin got his first taste of Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC) as a student at the University of Michigan where he participated in the FutureCar program. He currently works at GM on Wide-Range Air-Fuel sensor algorithm development projects. Kevin is excited to be involved in AVTCs again and to be Texas Tech’s EcoCAR mentor! 

Earlier this month, Kevin visited Lubbock and Texas Tech’s Advanced Vehicle Engineering Lab. The team’s leads gave Kevin an overview of their hard work from a mechanical, controls, electrical, and outreach perspective. Kevin was then given a tour of the engineering buildings and the controls lead gave a demonstration on the Hardware-in-the-Loop testing. Kevin also had the opportunity to check out the Texas Tech Challenge X vehicle because it was on campus to help celebrate Whitacre College of Engineering E-Week.

Half way through the day, the Texas Tech team and advisors came together for lunch with their new GM mentor. After lunch, Kevin toured the Advanced Vehicle Engineering Lab where the team works on their EcoCAR vehicle. He also got to sit in on a weekly meeting to see how the team functions. 

Texas Tech was excited to get to know Kevin and is looking forward to working with him in the future!

The Texas Tech EcoCAR team with GM mentor, Kevin Storch