Mississippi State University and Vector CANtech – Speaking the Language

Sponsorship is a huge part of EcoCAR 2 because the competition’s sponsors provide the software, hardware, components and knowledge that the teams need to successfully incorporate new technologies into their vehicles.

Vector CANtech is one such sponsor. The CAN (controller area network) technology developed by Vector has been indispensable to the Mississippi State University (MSU) team. It allows the team to see, in real time, the messages sent throughout the micro-controllers in the car. This data helps the team identify and solve any mechanical, control or electrical problems as they arise.

Without the diagnostic tools provided by Vector, the MSU team would spend hours debugging problems that are easily solved through Vector’s CAN software. EcoCAR 2 is all about efficiency, and that principle applies heavily to the development portion of the competition. Vector makes it significantly easier to find and diagnose problems, allowing the team to stay focused on solutions.

Learn more on how Vector CANtech software has helped the MSU EcoCAR 2 team: