Mississippi State University Shares Importance of STEM with Middle School Students

BY: Casey McGee

The Mississippi State University EcoCAR 3 team ventured to Armstrong Middle School last Wednesday to visit with 115 8th graders about the EcoCAR 3 competition. As we arrived to the school in the Chevrolet Equinox that MSU reengineered nearly 6 years ago, we were greeted by a group of energized kids ready for a day in science class that would be different from the rest. 

Each class was told of the benefits and importance of competitions like EcoCAR 3, as saving fuel and lowering emissions is crucial to conserving the planet we call home. We shared how using alternative energy sources such as regenerative braking and electric charge can help decrease the amount of fossils fuels that vehicles on the road are using.  MSU Outreach Armstrong Pic 1

With this knowledge in mind, the students had the opportunity to share their ideas to improve vehicles and conserve energy. Ideas of electrical cars, solar powered trucks, and regenerative breaking scooters were tossed around as students brainstormed creative ideas. We encouraged the students to continue to think creatively throughout school, because those ideas could become real in just a matter of time. 

Many students were excited to learn more about the EcoCAR 3 competition and MSU’s team, and they hope to be involved in the competition one day when they are in college. Until then we encouraged the students to study hard, be creative, and remember the importance of math and science. After all, these 8th graders could be the driving force behind the next big Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition!