Missouri S&T Drops the Engine from its EcoCAR

At the end of February, the Missouri S&T EcoCAR team gathered in its garage to remove everything gasoline-related from its GM-donated vehicle. The process started early in the morning with hydrogen, electrical, and mechanical safety training. The team then split into two groups. One group prepared the engine for removal and the other detached the fuel lines and gas tank. Once the components were disconnected, the car was lifted away from its gas engine.

A close-up of the engine drop!

As the students stripped the car of its power-train and fuel source, their EcoCAR came one step closer to the power of lithium-ion batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell. The Missouri S&T team has spent the last year and a half designing its EcoCAR. They now look forward to the design becoming a reality. For more updates, check out the team’s Web site and Twitter stream.

The video below walks through the process of removing the gasoline – very cool!