Missouri S&T EcoCAR Garage Taken Over by Scouts

On a sunny April morning, local area Girl Scouts visited the Missouri S&T EcoCAR garage to explore the world of alternative energies. The morning activities started with a walk through the university’s E-Cubed facilities, which highlighted the only hydrogen fueling station in the state of Missouri, the transit depot made from recycled shipping containers, the newly installed wind turbine, and the solar panels that help generate eco-friendly energy.

After the tour the Girl Scouts were taken into the garage to get their first look at the Missouri S&T EcoCAR. They oohed and awed over the car while Michelle Taylor, Outreach Coordinator, explained how the car is powered through the use of batteries as well as a hydrogen fueling system.

The next week, a local Cub Scout troop also visited the EcoCAR garage. The Cub Scouts were very excited as they walked through the doors, and were anxious to get a good look at the EcoCAR. Team leader Dr. Kevin Martin was on hand to speak with the Scouts about all things energy and vehicles, as well as EcoCAR: The Next Challenge. The Scouts were clearly engaged, asking great questions as they took in the information given by Dr. Martin. The fun-filled tour of the E-Cubed Commons ended as the excited Scouts got to watch as Team Leader Andrew Meintz took the EcoCAR for a short drive around the facilities.

Missouri S&T EcoCAR was happy to host the Scouts and had a great time teaching them about EcoCAR!