MSU EcoCAR 3: Hit the Ground Running

By: Shawn Jaquet

When I joined the EcoCAR 3 team last semester I did not know what to expect. I did not know if I would have to sit around and watch as more experienced members did the work. Fortunately, I learned that when you become a part of the team you can hit the ground running. Even though I did not have much experience with CAD or working on cars before the team, I was still able to get involved rather quickly. Within the first few weeks, our team lead provided the necessary training to understand the basics of CAD and working with older EcoCAR vehicles. Now I have been able to work on important projects like the CAD tool check and now the architecture selection. Along with the experience that being on the team is giving me, it is also getting my name and accomplishments out to employers that may have never gotten it otherwise. It is amazing how much this team can do for all of the members and I cannot wait to see all the things it will continue to do for me.


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