MSU Greets More Than 100 Students At EcoCAR Interest Meeting

The Mississippi State University EcoCAR team had an exciting summer as they coordinated and attended several events throughout the state to spread the word about the EcoCAR competition and MSU’s work. Keeping the momentum from Year Two, the student engineers also made several improvements on the vehicle and are proud to have driven more than 500 miles since competition.

As eager students recently arrived on campus, the team held an interest meeting to give new students the opportunity to get involved and become a part of the team. The meeting took place the second week of classes and more than 100 interested students attended to learn more about the EcoCAR competition and the immense range of opportunities it offers.

Over 100 students attended the EcoCAR Interest Meeting!

The team is thrilled by the response, and looks forward to adding new team members and accomplishing great things in Year Three!