MSU Hard at Work on their B20 EREV

The Mississippi State EcoCAR team is hard at work developing their biodiesel-powered Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) before next month’s Safety and Technical Inspections. Earlier this month, the team had the opportunity to see their car moving on its own in all-electric mode! The team was very excited to see the results of all their work over the past year and a half, even if the trip was just a short run around the parking lot!

While waiting for some final parts, electrical team member, Josh Hoop, recently painted the inside of the battery box mold and the team is waiting to get it back from the carbon fiber shop so their A123Systems battery pack can be installed. 

Also, the team was thrilled to show off all their progress on the car to administrators and professors from the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) who visited their workshop last week. 

MSU is counting down the days to the competition finals in Yuma and San Diego. Until then, the team will be busy getting their car working just the way they want it, in hopes of winning the Year 2 trophy! Go State!