MSU team reaches the Gulf Coast with visit to North Bay Elementary

Just before Year Three Finals in June, the Mississippi State EcoCAR team made their way down to Biloxi, MS to bring the MSU EcoCAR message to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The team taught a classroom of 5th graders for 3 days about hybrid technology, the EcoCAR competition, and what role MSU’s team has played in the competition. The team was very well received, partially because of all the fun activities they brought along with them!

The MSU team used everyday items like balloons, jars, and exercise equipment to illustrate different issues car manufacturers deal with when creating the vehicles we use today. The students enjoyed the interesting teaching methods and they had many great questions each day of the education event.

The MSU Team's Vehicle at Year Three Finals

MSU won multiple awards at Year Three Finals, including 6th place overall for the competition. The team will be back this fall for EcoCAR 2!