MSU Works to Bridge the Gap

The gap between technical and non-technical ways of thinking is usually an extensive one. The subject-matter and thought processes are thought to be so erratically different from one another that sometimes it doesn’t seem necessary to try to bridge that gap.

The EcoCAR 2 program gives students and professionals (technical and non-technical) the ability to experience both mindsets, which gives students a way of thinking that many industries and societies desperately need. Political and organizational leaders always call for the need for proactive collaboration to fix many of society’s problems, but there is a severe deficiency in the ability or willingness to come together in this manner.

EcoCAR 2 is the epitome of cross-discipline collaboration. Students, faculty and professional sponsors and partners from different sides of industry spectrums all work seamlessly to achieve a sole purpose – creating vehicles that are more sustainable and consumer-oriented for a society that is faced with an impending energy crisis. This concept of training students to think and work collaboratively is not only part of the solution to the automotive or energy markets, it could also be part of the answer for larger scale societal issues.

Society and the world we live in is long overdue for an across-the-board “meeting of the minds” – something that the AVTC program has been putting into action for 23 years now. The Mississippi State EcoCAR 2 team is proud to be part of a tradition that truly bridges the gap!