MSU’s Vehicle Gets Lighter

The Mississippi State University EcoCAR team has been working diligently over the past few months to reduce the overall mass of their vehicle.  The mechanical/powertrain group has been redesigning and building new aluminum motor and engine mounts to replace the older steel mounts.  Just before the holidays, the team dropped the entire powertrain to make the improvements.  While the powertrain was out of the vehicle for a few days, the team also made some upgrades to the electrical wiring and mounted a new sway bar.

In addition to the aluminum mounts, MSU is also working on other options for lightweighting the vehicle.  The team is currently partnering with aircraft manufacturer, Aurora Flight Sciences, to build carbon fiber components for their EcoCAR.  MSU team members continue to research additional options that will decrease the overall mass of the vehicle, thus improving the vehicle’s braking, acceleration, and fuel economy.

Machining a new motor mount on the end mill

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