MTU EcoCAR Team Models to Make Debut

‘Modeling’ is the word chosen to describe EcoCAR year 1. Modeling is, as Dr. John Beard puts it, the best way to “avoid ‘Monster Garaging’ the MTU Saturn Vue Hybrid in year 2”. Physical representations, component characteristics, and control strategies are the ‘models’ most important to successful simulations. Although the MTU team did not receive any calls from Vogue or Glamour magazines, it feels as though its models are attractive, nevertheless. The MTU team is geared up to present its Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) simulations for competition ’09.

The past year has been quite a journey, challenging the team with real world engineering problems and calculations. The outcome is looking promising for MTU, whose chosen architecture is a 2.4L E85 engine, pre-transmission 100kW PMAC motor, and a 22.3 kWhr A123 battery pack. MTU is enthusiastic for competition in Toronto, and looks forward to seeing other teams’ solutions to their up HIL battle!

Andrew Best is Electrical Team Leader on the EcoCAR Challenge team at Michigan Technological University.


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