NC State Mechanical Engineers Get a Little Help From Their Classmates

The hardworking EcoCAR 2 team at North Carolina State University (NCSU) received help in Year Two from other mechanical engineers at NCSU, thanks to a technical elective and independent study led by Dr. Eric Klang. Students participating in this class were tasked with a handful of design projects that had a shorter time frame and were less involved and less complex than critical components such as motor mounting and control.

NCSU's transmission

NCSU’s transmission

One such project was the design and fabrication of a bracket to mount the automatic transmission shift cable to the electric motor’s transmission. Replacing parts in a car with parts from a different model made by the same manufacturer can be difficult, but installing parts from a different manufacturer presents a whole other level of challenges. Since the teams electric transmission was not stock, the shift cable needed to be mounted such that it works with the new transmission. Two seniors were given this project and came up with a design that uses a preexisting transmission housing bolt.

By building a bracket that bolts to existing locations, the shifter cable is held in the correct location to shift the transmission without any additional modification to the car. The bracket is easy to install and remove and is tucked away behind the motor to avoid interfering with any other systems on the car.

It will be interesting to see what other projects NCSU’s mechanical engineers pitch in on during Year Three!