NC State Visits Hilburn Academy

NCSU’s Claire Batista at Hilburn

This past spring, the EcoCAR 2 team at NCSU visited a local school called Hilburn Academy and presented to the 6th grade class. Through the presentation, young students learned about EcoCAR 2, hybrids, the benefits of working with an EcoCAR 2 team and how sustainable vehicle technology will benefit the health of the earth in the future. The students also learned about EcoCAR 2 sponsors and the importance of their funding and support.

During the event, students were given a pre-quiz, watched an interactive presentation, saw videos and pictures of N.C. State’s progress on the engine, answered questions (for candy!), created their own eco-friendly car design and took a post-quiz.

The students scored an average of 23 points higher on the post-quiz than the pre-quiz and came up with some of the most creative eco-friendly cars the NCSU team had ever seen! Team members could tell the students’ wheels were turning, and with this event, the NCSU EcoCAR 2 team feels these engineers-in-the-making are well on their way to green minds and bright futures!