New Perspective: GT Controls

BY: Qi Zhang

Within the Georgia Tech Controls team there are three sub-teams: Supervisory Control team, Battery team, and a Motor Generator Unit team. Each team has its responsibilities. For the Supervisory Control team, the main task is to determine control architecture. To choose a control architecture, this team needs to learn how premade controller models work, develop or modify hybrid supervisory control algorithms for each architecture choice, and describe system-level powertrain control strategies for major operation modes. The Supervisory Control team cooperates with the System Modeling and Simulation team to do this architecture selection. I am a new member of Supervisory Control team. For now, I am learning how to use Simulink and Autonomie to do the architecture selection, which is the most important task for all teams. For Battery sub-team, its responsibilities include study available batteries with Electrical Team, study Battery Management Systems, and Assist Modeling and Simulation Team with modeling electrochemistry. The Motor Generator Unit sub-team’s responsibilities are to study and evaluate available components with Mechanical Team, work on modeling components in Simulink, and assist Electrical Team members with component selection.