New Student Helps Support Core UW EcoCAR Team and Learns the Basics of Building a Vehicle

By the University of Wisconsin’s Kaylan Bailey

I started working on the Mechanical Team for the hybrid vehicle this Spring semester. I opted to join Wisconsin EcoCar because it’s a hands-on experience and I wanted to learn more about cars, particularly hybrid vehicles. In a very short span of time, I’ve been able to learn a lot about the hybrid vehicle and the shop. I learned how the UQM motor, drive shaft and catalytic converter function in the vehicle, and I can now identify the difference between a motor and an engine, as well as the engine bay, engine harness and thermocouples.

UW's Kaylan Bailey

Other members of the hybrid team were instrumental in teaching me these apparatuses and their different functions. One thing I’ve learned and will never forget is to always wear gloves and long sleeves when wrapping fiberglass – otherwise you will be very itchy later! The projects I’ve worked on have included making mounts for different objects in the vehicle, putting in coolant hoses, resetting the carpet and seats in the vehicle and helping with installing the rear brake cables and front wheels. I’m happy I was able to help out and gain experience and knowledge of the hybrid EcoCar through all the friendly team members at Wisconsin. Thanks everyone!