Official Welcome to the Green Garage Blog

On behalf of all of the EcoCAR: The Next Challenge teams and sponsors, I’m happy to officially kick-off our new “Inside the Green Garage” blog. And with Earth Day only a couple of days away, what a fitting time to do this! Over the course of the competition, the EcoCAR teams will be using this blog to help chronicle their progress and challenges. We want to encourage discussion and conversation around the future of sustainable transportation so we’re inviting competition followers and members of the public with an interest in future technologies and energy solutions to join us on the blog with your comments.

The launch of this blog is also timely because the annual Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress begins today as well where engineers from around the world will meet to discuss the latest issues in automotive engineering. In fact, I’ll be speaking at the conference later today as part of a panel session titled, “New Control System Technologies for Green Powertrain Concepts: What Solutions Present the Most Promise.” This is sure to spark a lively discussion, and the ideas for the solutions will surely vary. But I think we can all agree that we can no longer depend entirely on petroleum to meet our energy needs and that the time for innovative alternatives is now.

At GM we’re working on our own solutions and we’re focused on reinventing the automobile with advanced technologies that can help to encourage energy diversity and reduce the overall impact to the environment. New and creative thinking around these challenges is always welcomed which is why we put so much value on the EcoCAR competition. The energy and determination of the EcoCAR student competitors is always inspiring and we’re excited to see what they have in store for us as the competition progresses. So make sure to check back often for updates on this blog to see their progress for yourselves.

Kent Helfrich
Director, Software Engineering
General Motors Powertrain/EcoCAR Steering Committee

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