Ohio State and Penn State Touch Down in Columbus, OH for an EcoCAR Tailgate

On November 13, the Penn State EcoCAR team traveled six hours from State College, PA to Columbus, OH to take part in a tailgate with the Ohio State EcoCAR team. This is the fifth consecutive year that the two teams have come together to tailgate; they have taken turns hosting the event and traveling back and forth between the schools in accordance to the where the annual game is scheduled.

The Ohio State and Penn State teams at the tailgate

There was no shortage of team spirit and EcoCAR pride at the tailgate! The Ohio State team was especially excited to show off their vehicle’s new eco-friendly paint job. Penn State was fired up to chat with fans from both teams who were eager to hear about the competition and each team’s progress.

The morning after the game, OSU’s Outreach Coordinator, Abbey Underwood, gave the Penn State team a tour of the OSU garage and lab facilities. “It was interesting to witness the great work the Ohio State team was doing in its garage,” said Penn State’s team leader Mike Zahradnik. “We really enjoyed visiting with the Ohio State team and admiring the excellent resources they have access to.”

Team members and enthusiastic fans checking out the OSU EcoCAR and its new eco-friendly paint job

Although the schools are rivals on the football field, the Ohio State and Penn State EcoCAR teams have risen above the rivalry to actually become partners. “In the spirit of EcoCAR, we have joined forces to show visitors how college students are impacting the future of the automotive industry,” said Penn State’s Outreach Coordinator Allison Lilly.

The OSU vs. PSU EcoCAR tailgate tradition showcases the importance of advanced vehicle technology competitions and how they are training quality engineers that are building automotive technologies of the future.

So who won the game? Ohio State, 38-14… but these fierce competitors are counting down to the final showdown. Who will win the EcoCAR Challenge? In a matter of months, we’ll find out!