Ohio State Attends The Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference

The Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference (OTEC)  is a two-day conference attended by over 2,400 people from across the United States who are interested in Ohio’s transportation industry. OTEC is co-sponsored by the Ohio Department of Transportation and The Ohio State University. The program addresses the latest policies and technical information, as well as new ideas in transportation policies, planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, local government, and management of transportation resources.
The Ohio State EcoCAR team attended the conference and was introduced at the opening ceremony. Civil engineers and public officials stopped by the team’s booth to discuss the project and learn more about what Ohio State is doing to contribute to the state and nation’s future. The team explained what the EcoCAR Challenge was all about and the Challenge X vehicle was on display to give attendees a visual (Challenge X was the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition prior to EcoCAR that the OSU team participated in). OTEC offered technical and informational sessions to the members of The Ohio State EcoCAR team – it was a great opportunity!
The team received praise for its involvement in the EcoCAR Challenge and is looking forward to going back to the conference next year.


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