Ohio State University Collaborates with Clean Fuels Ohio to Win Best Collaboration Award

In Year Two, the Ohio State University and Clean Fuels Ohio partnered together to host an advanced vehicle exhibit at the Columbus Auto Show.  The collaboration allowed the two entities to combine resources for a bigger display, reach a larger audience and, ultimately, win the Best Collaboration with a Clean Cities Coalition award at the Year Two Competition in May.

To be eligible for the award, EcoCAR 2 teams had to create a video that highlighted their collaborations with Clean Cities Coalitions, the relationships that formed and how working together allowed both entities to accomplish higher goals. The Ohio State University took first place for the video they made about their relationship with Clean Fuels Ohio, including the Auto Show collaboration. Wayne State took second place for their video, and highlighted an Odyssey Day event they worked on with the Clean Energy Coalition, while the Penn State team took third place for their collaboration with Pittsburgh Clean Cities.

The collaboration between the Ohio State team and Clean Fuels Ohio proved to be so successful that the team hopes to repeat it again in Year Three.  Other EcoCAR 2 teams have found success with Coalitions they have partnered with across the country. Clean Cities Coalitions are spread from coast to coast, and with more than 85 Coalitions, one is never far away from a team. The proximity allows for many joint events throughout the year. Teams have worked with Coalitions on outreach projects such as industry and public education events, auto shows and Earth Day events.

Watch Ohio State’s collaboration video with Clean Fuels Ohio below!