Organizers Kick Off Year Three with the Fall Faculty Advisory Board

EcoCAR 3 organizers gathered at California State University, Los Angeles, (CSULA) for the Fall 2016 Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) meeting to help the 16 schools in the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) commence their work in the third year of program.

The new FAB members for Year Three are: Jerry Ku, Wayne State University; Andrew Nix, West Virginia University, Doug Nelson, Virginia Tech, and Randy Follett, Mississippi State University. These faculty advisors act as liaisons between the teams involved in the competition and the EcoCAR 3 organizers. Over the weekend, the FAB discussed the non-year specific rules, yearly event rules, the Year Three timeline for the teams, as well as beginning on-road vehicle testing for schools. The FAB also had the opportunity to provide feedback on areas of the EcoCAR 3 competition, including their perspective on the EcoCAR 3 activities to ensure that deadlines are appropriate with the amount of work assigned.

Some of the EcoCAR 3 organizers had the chance to take a brief tour of CSULA’s EcoCAR garage and their beautiful campus that is overflowing with palm trees and sunshine. The CSULA EcoCAR 3 team was also given the privilege to sit down with the organizers for some in-depth discussion time.

Thank you to CSULA for hosting the Year Three Fall FAB meeting! Check out the images from the Fall FAB meeting below:

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