OSU EcoCAR Goes Hollywood!

The Ohio State (OSU) EcoCAR team was recently approached by New York City’s Florentine Films to discuss their experience in a documentary entitled “100 Years of Chevrolet, An American Road Trip”.  The 100 year story of Chevrolet will be told by collectors, car club members, customizers, NASCAR drivers, music and TV stars, GM engineers, and designers.

Less than three days after the producers reached out to the team, a film crew showed up at the OSU Green Garage. Team members Eric Schacht, Beth Bezaire, John Kruckenberg, Katherine Bovee, and Ryan Everett along with faculty advisor Shawn Midlam-Mohler were interviewed about their experience in building a 2010 EcoCAR. They answered questions that included “how does the OSU EcoCAR compare to the Chevrolet Volt?” and “What makes OSU EcoCAR stand out from other Chevrolets?” The entire filming process lasted approximately 2 hours. The team jokes that this is their fifteen minutes of fame.

Florentine Films has not announced when or where the documentary will be released but the team and the entire EcoCAR community is extremely excited to see it!