OSU EcoCAR Produces Woodward “How-to Video”

In late 2010, the Ohio State University EcoCAR team entered the Woodward “How-to Video” competition. The team’s video explains how OSU has applied two Woodward MotoHawk controllers to the design of their plug-in EREV vehicle in the EcoCAR competition. Woodward tools allow for rapid development of vehicle systems with improved performance and efficiency. The OSU team uses a Woodward 128-pin MotoHawk ECM to develop engine controls that convert a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine to run on E85 ethanol with a high compression ratio for improved efficiency. A second Woodward controller, a 48-pin MotoHawk ECM, manages startup, cooling, and driver interface functions throughout the vehicle.

The OSU team is extremely proud of their video (featured below) and hopes Woodward can use it for educational purposes in the future. OSU would also like to wish all the teams that participated in the competition the best of luck!