OSU Freshman, ‘It’s Never Too Early to Join EcoCAR!’

With so many different clubs and organizations at Ohio State, freshman MJ Yatsko felt overwhelmed when she first got to campus.

MJ Yatsko, one of the newest members of OSU's EcoCAR team

Yatsko joined the school’s EcoCAR team and quickly learned that even if you have no experience with autos and are unsure about what aspect of the vehicle you want to work on, the EcoCAR experience provides you with an opportunity to try different projects to see what you like best with guidance from more experienced team members.

MJ is technically on the mechanical team, but is currently working on two projects with the engine team. The first project is redesigning a component to better fit into the vehicle and the second project is controls based. Working on the engine team has given her the chance to understand how engines work and working with controls for the engine is allowing her to understand how the engine and the vehicle are controlled.

“Being a member of the Ohio State EcoCAR team is all about a hands-on learning experience,” MJ said. “Even as a freshman, I can get involved in all the projects we have going on and learn things that I won’t get to learn in my freshman engineering classes.”