OSU Sends Columbus a Big Green Message

After months of research, brainstorming and voting, the OSU EcoCAR team has decided on a final billboard design. The team started by working with Professor Patricia West, at the Fisher College of Business to incorporate EcoCAR into her Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) class during the autumn quarter. Students in Professor West’s classroom were instructed to create an IMC campaign to fulfill a requirement in the course, and lucky for Ohio State EcoCAR, she allowed students in the course to focus on EcoCAR.

Throughout the ten-week quarter, two groups of eight students each performed market research on hybrid vehicles and then used the findings to create effective Integrated Marketing and Communications campaigns for the Ohio State EcoCAR team. A major component of the campaigns was to design a consumer-oriented billboard.

During the final week of class, the two groups presented their EcoCAR consumer campaigns to the entire class as well as OSU EcoCAR Faculty Advisor, Dr. Shawn Midlam-Mohler, Green Marketing Professor, Dr. Curtis Haugtvedt, and Year Two OSU EcoCAR Outreach Coordinator, Justin Ford.

The students then found out the best billboard design would come to life on an actual billboard that would be visible from U.S. Route 33 in Columbus, Ohio!

After much discussion, the OSU EcoCAR team chose three billboard designs created by marketing student, Rimar Vilansenor.  These designs were then put on the OSU EcoCAR website, where site visitors could cast a vote for their favorite. Check out the winning design below!

The OSU EcoCAR team would like to thank Professor West, Rimar Vilansenor and the rest of the Integrated Marketing and Communications class for their enthusiastic participation. This project was a great way for students to get involved in real-world marketing applications while learning more about alternative fuel vehicles and EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge. And let’s not forget the thrill of designing a billboard that could potentially greet travelers on Route 33, this kind of opportunity doesn’t come around often!

Remember to look for the OSU EcoCAR billboard just south of Columbus on U.S. Route 33 beginning February 2!