Over-the-Road Event at the Year 4 Competition

The Year 4 Competition brought the opportunity for many teams to drive their Camaros on open roads for the first time. Ten of the vehicles participated in an Over-the-Road Event, a public road course that spanned 170 miles through the hills and valleys of Los Angeles County. The event mimicked industry road trips, where engineers take vehicles just before releasing them for purchase. The purpose of this event was to measure on-road fuel consumption, and vehicles were prepared by charging and filling the evening before. After the event, they were measured for fuel consumption. A team of General Motors engineers led the event, and kept a close eye on the vehicles as they navigated the terrain. Students were extremely excited to participate, as this was the true test of how the vehicles they’ve been working on for four years would hold up in a real-life situation.

Take a look for yourself and see the EcoCAR vehicles on the wide open road!