Penn State Announced as Year Two Winner

After impressing inspectors and other judges representing various EcoCAR 2 sponsors with its ethanol (E85) plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the Penn State team was declared this year’s winner! The team was the first to pass safety and technical inspections, on-road safety evaluation as well as run all the competition dynamic events. While Penn State won the top prize, it wasn’t the only accomplished team at the Year Two Finals. The second place team, Cal State Los Angles excelled with its ethanol-fueled vehicle and was the first team to complete all the dynamic events. The Ohio State University took third place overall after demonstrating its series-parallel hybrid electric vehicle. Read on for a full rundown of Year Two Award winners!

Overall Winners:

·         1st Place Overall – Penn State Univeristy

·         2nd Place Overall – California State University – Los Angeles

·         3rd Place Overall – Ohio State University

·         4th Place Overall – University of Washington

·         5th Place Overall – Mississippi State University

·         6th Place Overall – Virginia Tech

Dynamic Awards:

·         Best 0-60 MPH and 50-70 MPH Acceleration: Penn State University

·         Dynamic Consumer Acceptability – Penn State University

·         Best Maximum Lateral Acceleration – University of Washington

·         Best Autocross Time – Penn State University with 39.64 seconds

·         Best AVL DRIVE Quality – Penn State University

·         Lowest Energy Consumption – University of Washington

·         Lowest Petroleum Energy Use – University of Washington

·         Lowest Well-to-Wheel Greenhouse Gas Emissions – University of Washington

·         Lowest Criteria Emissions – University of Washington

Static Events:

·         Best Static Consumer Acceptability – Virginia Tech

·         Best Vehicle Design Review Presentation – Mississippi State University

·         Best Controls Presentation – Mississippi State University

·         Best Mechanical Presentation – University of Victoria

·         Best Electrical Presentation – Ohio State University

Communications Awards:

·         Creative Promotion of EcoCAR – Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

·         Spirit of Communications – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

·         Best Outreach Event Presentation – Mississippi State University

·         3rd Place Communications – Virginia Tech

·         2nd Place Communications – Ohio State University

·         1st Place Communications – Penn State University

Business Awards:

·         Best Final Business Presentation – Ohio State University

·         Spirit of Business – University of Tennessee, Knoxville

·         3rd Place Business – Mississippi State University

·         2nd Place Business – University of Tennessee, Knoxville

·         1st Place Business – Ohio State University

Organizer Awards:

·         Most Improved Team – California State University – Los Angeles

·         Spirit of the Challenge – Colorado State University

·         Dr. Donald Streit Sportsmanship Award – Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

·         Women in Engineering Rookie – Erin Merkley, University of Waterloo

·         Women in Engineering Award – M.J. Yatsko, Ohio State University

Sponsored Awards:

·         Freescale Innovation Award (3rd – 1st Respectively) – Virginia Tech, University of Washington, and University of Victoria

·         A123 Energy Storage System Integration Award (3rd – 1st Respectively) – Virginia Tech, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and University of Washington

·         dSPACE Embedded Success Award (3rd – 1st Respectively) – (tied) Penn State and Embry-Riddle, Virginia Tech,  and Mississippi State University

·         MathWorks Modeling Award (3rd – 1st Respectively) – Mississippi State University, Ohio State University, and University of Victoria