Penn State Collaborates with Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities to Win “Best Collaboration with a Clean Cities” Award

At this year’s EcoCAR 2 competition in Los Angeles, Clean Cities announced that Penn State University, along with Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities (PRCC), won the “Best Collaboration with a Clean Cities” Award!

Since 2009, the Clean Cities Program has been a sponsor of the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions. The Clean Cities sponsorship funding has allowed each EcoCAR 2 university the chance to recruit an outreach and communications research assistant to help spread the awareness of EcoCAR 2, Clean Cities and the mission of petroleum reduction through alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.

This year, EcoCAR 2 teams were tasked with creating a three-minute video that highlighted a strong collaboration with a Clean Cities Coalition. Teams were evaluated on how well they worked with a neighboring Clean Cities Coalition to develop a strategy for collaboration and for leveraging resources, how successfully they executed outreach initiatives in their community, and how they plan to work with their Clean Cities Coalition partner throughout Years Two and Three of EcoCAR 2. The videos were evaluated by a judging committee, including Dave Gardy, TV Worldwide; Andrew Hudgins, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Marcy Rood Werpy, Argonne National Laboratory; and David Schrivener, automotive journalist for MotorWeek.

Penn State described how they worked with PRCC during the academic year on various strategies for collaboration.  Executive Director of PRCC, Rick Price, traveled to State College, Pa., several times to meet with the team, including speaking at a keynote address during a vehicle architecture announcement. The two also collaborated on various stakeholder meetings and outreach events at three Penn State satellite campuses across Western Pennsylvania.

“We’re already brainstorming ideas to work more with Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities next year and reach out to the Philadelphia area as well,” said Penn State Outreach Team Member Taylor Kidd. “EcoCAR and Clean Cities’ goals align perfectly, and each group can expand its reach in the community if we work together throughout the competition.”

Both the Penn State EcoCAR 2 team and PRCC received $1,500 each in prize money for the award.  Other special recognitions went to The Ohio State University and Clean Fuels Ohio, Virginia Tech and Virginia Clean Cities, and Wayne State University and the Clean Energy Coalition for their participation in the award.

Check out Penn State’s video below: