Penn State Discusses Hybrid Infrastructure in State College

This past spring, members of the PSU AVT communications team and mechanical team met with the State College Borough’s Sustainability Council to discuss eco-friendly transportation options in the area. The council members were interested in the design of the team’s Malibu and the EcoCAR 2 competition in general.  The council is currently working to increase the demand for eco-friendly transportation— especially hybrids— in Centre County.

Council members told the PSU AVT about their plans to integrate more fuel-efficient vehicles into their public service fleet. This includes hybrid police motorcycles and increased use of police bicycles. Also, many of the council members work with local organizations that could be helpful to the team’s outreach efforts for Year Three of the competition.

One of the most interesting things that came from this meeting was a discussion about the current perception of hybrid vehicles. Throughout the meeting, the team discussed research that shows many people in the State College area still believe misconceptions about advanced vehicles. The PSU AVT and the council members discussed ways that they can work together in the future to set the record straight.