Penn State Students Become EcoSTARS

Penn State’s EcoCAR engineers spent countless hours diligently building models and finalizing architecture details in advance of the winter break. Over the course of the semester they modeled and simulated three potential architectures and recently received approval for their final vehicle architecture that will be revealed in February. Do you want to meet this team of engineers making strides in advanced vehicle technologies? Don’t worry, the Penn State EcoCAR 2 team will proudly introduce themselves!

Each week a different Penn State EcoCAR 2 team member is highlighted in a video series called “Penn State EcoSTARS.” In short video clips, students explain who they are, the progress they have made with the team and what they enjoy about being a part of a group of engineers working toward innovative vehicle technology goals. The videos are a perfect way to introduce team members and give them the recognition they deserve as they prepare to compete in the Year One Finals.

Check out the EcoSTARS video below on Penn State’s outreach coordinator, Allison Lilly:

To view more of Penn State’s fall semester EcoSTARS, please visit the team’s YouTube page . Stay tuned to see outstanding Penn State EcoSTARS each week throughout the spring, too!