Penn State Team Participates in “Sustain U” and the Launch of Green Careers

penn-state-logoOn September 2, 2009, the Advanced Vehicle Team took part in the launch of the Green Careers Initiative. The event, which took place at the HUB-Robeson Student Center at the University Park campus, hosted more than 10 ‘green’ clubs and organizations on campus and had an audience of more than 500 students, faculty, and alumni.

Sponsored by the College of Engineering and the Penn State Center for Sustainability, the Green Careers Initiative is a Web site designed to connect students to green careers by allowing them to post their qualifications on the site. These could include: classes, internships, and involvement in green organizations. It also helps connecting students to Penn State alumni in green careers.

As the first big event of the semester, new members were able to talk to students about the design of the old ChallengeX Equinox and about the EcoCAR challenge. Many students who stopped by our booth were amazed at what our students have accomplished so far. They were fascinated with our battery design and our emissions objectives in the new Saturn.

We were able to talk to a wide variety of students in different majors about the EcoCAR Challenge. In fact, many said they would come out to Research-B during our next meeting to volunteer. Some of these majors include psychology, marketing, chemical engineering and public relations.

Overall, the event was a huge success. After the event, our fan base on Facebook increased by 10 members and we have had several students follow us on Twitter. This event has also put us in contact with other green clubs on campus, which will be useful in upcoming events.

In the future, the team will work with Green Careers at Penn State in connecting our members with green jobs and internships after graduation.

For more information on the Green Careers Initiative, please visit here.

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