Penn State Team Sheds Blue and White, Goes Green

On April 22, the Penn State Advanced Vehicle Technologies Team celebrated Earth Day at the University Park campus. The team parked outside of HUB-Robeson student center during lunch hours to talk with students and faculty about the EcoCAR Competition and the importance of environmentally-friendly automobiles. The team passed out flower seeds packets to students to emphasize the ‘going green’ theme and urged them to help protect the environment.

The team was also on hand during the signing of the EPA’s Sustainability Partnership Program. Penn State was the first university to join this partnership, which signifies the University’s commitment to a reduction in energy use and recycling efforts. After the signing, EPA officials talked with team members about the EcoCAR and Penn State’s efforts in the competition. Many officials seemed pleased with what we have accomplished and hope to work with us in the future.

The AVT team enjoyed participating in Earth Day and the activities throughout campus. We cannot wait to share out story at Toronto!

For more information about the EPA Sustainability Signing, please visit:

Contributed by Dana Bubonovich, a junior majoring in public relations with a minor in business and liberal arts. She is currently the public relations coordinator for the Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team.

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