Penn State Unpacks Its UQM!

Prior to Winter Workshop, a much anticipated box finally arrived at Penn State’s Green Garage. The PSU EcoCAR 2 team received its UQM PowerPhase Select 75 generator, and team members couldn’t wait to get it unpacked.

The UQM is one of the major components team members will integrate into the Malibu in the coming months. It will be connected to the vehicle’s Weber engine. The engine will turn the UQM, which will create electricity to charge the battery pack. Electricity will be stored there until the electric motor draws it from the pack to move the wheels.

The PowerPhase Select 75 generator has 240 Nm peak torque, 75 kW peak motor power and a microprocessor-controlled inverter with sine wave drive. The team chose this generator because it can easily interface with the CAN network already implemented in the vehicle.