Pennsylvania State University

team members

  • Nicholas Conde

    Engineering Manager

  • Adnan Sachche

    Project Manager

  • Molly Jennings

    Communications Manager

  • Zhuangzhuang Ding

    Innovations Manager

  • Andrew Ruf

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Department Head

  • Kyle Brown

    System Modeling and Simulation Department Head

  • Anand Saran

    Mechanical Engineering Powertrain Head

  • Eric Bloschock

    Mechanical Engineering Chassis Department Head

  • Aizat afiq Mohammad

    Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head

  • Sachin Aji Bhaskar

    System Safety Manager

  • Gary Neal

    Faculty Advisor

  • Dr Sean Brennan

    Faculty Advisor

  • Dr Hosam Fathy

    Faculty Advisor

  • Dr Denise Bortree

    Faculty Advisor

  • Dr Lee Ahern

    Faculty Advisor

  • Dr Constantino M Lagoa

    Faculty Advisor

  • Timothy Cleary

    Faculty Advisor

  • Eric Reischer

    Technical Advisor

  • Ryan Noss

    Technical Advisor