Preview of Autonomie training at Kickoff Workshop

During this year’s Kickoff Workshop, teams will learn how to test out various hybrid architectures in simulation using Autonomie.  Autonomie was developed by Argonne National Lab with the support of General Motors to serve as a single software tool throughout the different phases of model based design involved in the vehicle development process.  Autonomie enables the rapid evaluation of new powertrain technologies for improving fuel economy through virtual design and analysis in a math-based simulation environment.

The day-long training will address various topics, including:

  • Load and run existing vehicle models, from conventional to hybrid to electric drive (HEV, PHEV, BEV)
  • Analyze fuel economy and performance results as well as detailed component operating conditions
  • Modify and customize existing models
  • Select and use processes (i.e., drive cycles, performance tests, procedures…)
  • Understand models and control strategies
  • Create vehicles from existing systems
  • Run vehicles outside the GUI for development
  • Customize the tool, including proprietary data, proprietary models, and linkage with Subject Matter Expert tools (i.e., GT-Power, AMESim, CarSim)