Preview of ETAS Training at the Fall Workshop

At this year’s Fall Workshop at General Motors Powertrain Facilities in Pontiac, Michigan, students and faculty advisors will get the chance to attend several days’ worth of software and hardware training sessions, including sessions by ETAS GmbH.

Led by Jayesh Patel and Vivek Jaikamal of ETAS, the workshop will provide the opportunity to learn how to use the company’s software INCA to help teams develop and calibrate control strategies on ETAS controllers. Students will also learn how to run and interact with MathWorks Simulink-based models on the ES910 and FlexECU controllers.

Finally, teams will have the chance to work with ETAS’ data recording device, the ES720 Drive Recorder. The training will cover experimentation, instrumentation, data logging and monitoring the Drive Recorder remotely on a smart phone! Teams will also have the chance to learn how to use the INCA calibration software throughout the entire controls development process and how to use INCA + CDM (Calibration Data Management) to manage different controller calibrations throughout Years Two and Three of EcoCAR 2.